Are you a working parent with a young child or baby? You might relate to the fact that on a regular basis one or more your children is falling sick with common ailments such as cold or fever. They get it from other kids in school or day care. For all of you parents who have babies, it’s tough when there is sickness especially when the baby can’t tell you what the problem is.

Pranic Healing is designed for working parents who are short of time and need quick results. Here are some real world examples of quick healings done for children with remarkable results (Names and locations are left out for anonymity).

1. Fever down from 103 to 98: A father brought his child who had 103 high fever and were ready to go the emergency room for care. Unlike adults it is difficult to make children stay still for healing. So we played a Toy Story movie for the child and the father was holding the child while the healing was done. In 10 minutes the body temperature dropped to 100 and another 5 minutes to 99. In about 15 minutes the temperature dropped to normal and the child started to play and was hungry.

Technique: Pranic healing steps to heal the general energy body and 3 specific chakras were cleansed and energized to instantly reduce the temperature.

2. 4-month baby with high fever and family moving to new house same day: A family with a 4-month old baby were moving to a new house. The night before the parents were in the emergency room for about 4 hours as the baby was running a high fever, difficulty breathing and was very cranky. A healing was done for the baby while the mother was seated on a couch and held the baby in her arms. After doing gentle healing for about 25 minutes the fever reduced and the baby started to smile and breathe properly. The mother was more relieved and fed the baby right away.

Technique: Healing babies is easier as their energy bodies are not as congested as adults. Gentle healing that included cleansing the entire energy body, cleansing the diseased energy of 4 specific chakras and the head area was done.

3. Cranky baby on a plane with turbulence and cold milk: On a recent flight trip we were sitting next to a mother with her 8-month old baby. The entire flight had turbulence and the baby was cranky and was not drinking milk as it was very cold. There was no service offered by the plane crew as the captain suspended beverage and food service. The crew wouldn’t heat the milk as well. A quick pranic healing was done to heal the baby from crankiness. We held the milk bottle in our hands and a special technique was used to warm up the milk bottle. The baby was able to drink the milk and was smiling during the rest of the flight. What a relief!

Technique: General energy cleansing to remove any congested energies was done. The same chakra that is used to reduce body temperature during fever can also be activated to warm up one’s body temperature which in turn helped warm the bottle. Great technique to be applied during winters.

4. Angry 3-year old and throwing tantrums: A sweet 3 year old girl who is happy and playful sometimes displayed spurts of anger and used to slap her mother and refused to eat all day. This seemed to have started quite suddenly and continued for several months. Even after visiting doctors and performing several other non-traditional treatments the parents did not see much difference. After just one session that included healing for pyschological issues the girl got better and sleeps better every night. It’s been several months and the parents say there is no reoccurrence of the spurts.

Technique: Pranic healing for psychological healing was applied (as taught in the Pranic Psychotherapy class). Sometimes young children can acquire negative entities unconsciously that can cause psychological issues.

These are just few examples of healings people have done for young children. There are so many more cases where parents have done amazing healings to help the recovery of their family members.

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Some of the ailments and psychological issues can put the parents in extreme stress. There is an opportunity for parents to take control of their family’s health in their own hands. It’s a blessing and also freedom in a way. Imagine being able to heal anywhere, and at anytime without the use of drugs, pills, or needles.

Your hands can heal. The techniques to heal will stay with you for a lifetime. This is best Holiday gift you can give yourself. The class to learn to heal your children and family is coming this weekend.

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PRANIC HEALING is not intended to replace allopathic medicine, but rather to complement it. PRANIC HEALING practitioners are not medical doctors, but medical doctors can be Pranic Healers. PRANIC HEALING practitioners do not diagnose diseases, make any health claims, or guarantee any outcomes. PRANIC HEALING practitioners do not prescribe any medications and/or medical treatments nor interfere with prescribed medications and/or medical treatments. PRANIC HEALING practitioners do not physically touch the client’s body. They cleanse and balance the energy to enable the body to naturally heal itself.