The California scientists watch as millions of cells begin to die. An hour ago, these tiny life forms were exposed to a lethal dosage of gamma radiation. Arranged in rows of petri dishes, half of them will be dead in 24 hours if nothing is done.

But something unusual is happening. The laboratory is directed by Dr. Joie Jones, Professor of Radiology Sciences at University of California, Irvine. The cells in petri dishes have been divided into two groups. Half are being allowed to die normally. The other half, in separate containers but in the same space, are receiving Pranic Healing. This is a form of energy healing in which subtle energy, or prana are sent from an individual, the healer, to the cells. Dr. Jones and his assistants carefully note the survival rate of the cells in each experiment.

Can Pranic Healing Save HeLa Cells?

The Joie Jones has been conducting extensive experiments for ten years testing whether Pranic Healing can increase their survival rate.

Healing energy was applied at various times during the experiment to some of the samples. The best results occurred when the cells were treated with pranic energy both before and after radiation exposure. Treatment of the cells both before and after exposure increased the survival rate from 50% to about 88%.

Does Distance Matter?

In some cases the pranic healer was close by, and in other cases, far away. The amount of improvement in cell survival did not weaken with the distance.

What About Electromagnetic Shielding?

Experiments were also carried out in which petri dishes were protected by shielding which excluded all electromagnetic radiation, including X-rays and gamma rays. Even in these cases, the Pranic Healing was effective. It was not stopped or even reduced by shielding.

“This proves that the energy responsible for healing is not electromagnetic. This fact, together with the insensitivity to distance, proves that the healing energy is unlike any force known to science.”

Dr. Joie Jones

survival rate cells chart


This is a spectacularly successful experiment and an important demonstration that Pranic Healing can be effective.

What happens when the lab is ‘energetically dirty’?

Before beginning the experiments, he invited several energy healers to evaluate his laboratory. They observed that it did not seem “etherically clean” and recommended a program which would cleanse the laboratory of negative energy. This concept is similar to sterilizing a laboratory space of bacteria before doing medical procedures. As a test idea, Dr. Jones conducted 50 similar experiments without conditioning the laboratory space, that is without ‘etherically cleaning”. In that case, he found no healing effect in 90% of the experiments. Dr Jones experiments lead to a conclusion that subtle energy can exist in negative form and it must be removed on canceled in a similar way before energy healing can be ultimately be successful.

Is ‘karma’ real?

As Jones has continued the experiments over the years, he found that upper limit on the survival rate in the presence of Pranic Healing was about 88-90%. Most researchers would be thrilled by this high success rate. But he was troubled. What prevented all the cells from surviving? Why was the survival rate not 100%? Then one day the idea occurred to him: what if it was karma of the cells?

Dr. Jones reasoned that the HeLa cells, because they are actually derived from humans, might have karma too. Perhaps their karma can be improved. It was an inspired guess that proved to be correct.

To test the idea, while the pranic healer was sending energy to the cells, a laboratory assistant made a phone call. He used a credit card to donate money to a charity mentally setting his intention that good karma from his gift would be transferred to the cells. Amazingly, this “karmic gift” had the effect of greatly increasing the survival rate! It jumped from 88% to 96%.

The combination of subtle energy, in the form of Pranic Healing, plus the gift of “good karma” from the phone call, resulted in a miraculous healing rate for the cells. This experiment has been repeated more than 100 times with consistent results.

Research Conclusion

These experiments show

  1. First of all, they show that Pranic Healing works. It raised the survival rate from 50% to 88%.
  2. Secondly, the experiment demonstrates the importance of a “conditioned space”. Etherically cleaning the environment is an important part of energy healing.
  3. Thirdly, Jones’ experiments demonstrate that karma is real, and plays a measureable role in healing. Karma is usually thought of as something too spiritual and elusive to ever be demonstrated in a science experiment, but Jones’ results show that illness and healing have important spiritual connections.

Excerpt from “Life Force, The Scientific Basis” by Claude Swanson, Ph. D.

Dr. Joie Jones research is bridging the gap between science, spirituality and healing.

You Too Can Heal. It’s So Easy!

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The Big Vision

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, Founder of Pranic Healing and a visionary anticipated this convergence many years ago. Below is an excerpt from his book ‘The Existence of God is Self-evident’.

“At the present moment, science sometimes seem to be incompatible with spirituality. What we call science is actually physical science. What we call spirituality is actuality inner sciences or sciences not actually dealing with the physical world. The process of the union between science and spirituality is already in progress. This can be seen int he field of quantum physics merging with mysticism, in homeopathy, in acupuncture, feng shui, chi kung, vibrational medicines and others.

Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga can examples of union of science and spirituality. This trend is inevitable and will become stronger in the future.”