In my younger years, I really had a very singular view of success. It was all about attending best schools and doing well in studies.

My definition of success has changed a lot since then and it is still continuously evolving.

How do YOU define success?

Does having a ton of money mean success to you?

But, what if you have to work so hard to make a ton of money that you barely have any time to enjoy the fruits of your labor?

How about making a trip to Disney World/Europe/Caribbean? 

You may have fun with your immediate family but perhaps, you are not on talking terms with your parents/siblings/ex-partner.

Or being blessed with a loving family?

But you are so tired, stressed and worried that many days, you have no energy left to be fully present and enjoy the company of your family.

I could go on…the reality is that most of us have a very lop-sided view and manifestation of success in our lives. No wonder it’s a struggle to be at ease.


These are qualities of the soul. In order to have a successful life, we need to manifest the qualities of the soul in our life. When we manifest these qualities, we achieve FLOW.

So, how can we do that?

One of the POWERFUL ways to SAFELY achieve these results is by learning ancient science of manipulating prana, our energy bodies and awakening our connection with our higher selves.

Yes, it is possible to figure everything out on your own.

But it can take years to just gather knowledge and get an idea on how to do it. And you may not even uncover the right information. Because, the best stuff has always been taught through ‘Oral‘ tradition for centuries i.e. nothing is ever written down.

Would you rather have someone explain, teach and help you practice the science of manifesting all-rounded success through easy to follow steps?

Would you rather learn a lot in just one day and start getting results IMMEDIATELY?

If yes, we invite you to join us for first ever ‘Manifest Your Greatness Fest’ on Sunday, November 9, 2014.

Access Ancient Secrets And Experience Transformation In 4 Key Areas In One Day Under One Roof 

1. Health
2. Relationships
3. Prosperity
4. Spirituality

You will discover quick, easy and safe ways to de-stress safely and effectively in a matter of minutes; even relationship, financial and spiritual stress. It would be a festival of JOY for every cell of your body, mind and spirit.

This special event is culmination of our TEN years of teaching experience. The techniques to be shared are unique and not to be found in any books.

ONLY 50 SEATS: To ensure a high-quality learning experience, event capacity is intentionally set to just 50. Save your seat NOW!

FREE Healing Session: For all pre-registered attendees.

Manifest Your Greatness Fest Details Link

I’ll see you at this transformative event.

To Your Happiness,

Charu Chundury

Director, Pranic Healing Institute