Greetings Dear Seekers,

We are approaching the end of the year and soon we will find ourselves setting goals for 2015. Perhaps a diet and exercise plan to shed some extra pounds gained over the year.

But how do we drop pounds of emotional baggage over the year or many years. Just like our physical body, we have an energy body (or aura) and we also have an Emotional body. Let’s just call it ‘Emo’ (like ya know Nemo) 🙂

Our dear Emo carries all the excess weight and at times can become so big that it is obese. That’s when we are completely overwhelmed.  So, let’s ‘Find Emo’ and put it on a diet and exercise plan to keep it slim, healthy, loving and beautiful.

Join us on November 9th at the Manifest Greatness Fest as we work on our Emo and how we can help our friends, families, and clients as well.

Only 50 seats: Seats have started filling up already. Reserve your seat now.

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