Our lives are packed with stuff…stuff that keeps us busy and worried. Sometimes it doesn’t even let us sleep.

What really is this stuff?

More often than not, it is a challenge we are facing related to health, relationships, money or spiritual life. How can we succeed when we are tired and anxious?

Trying to sell a house, find the perfect life-partner, grow business/career, overcome the grief of passing on of our loved ones, take care of family…whatever your goal is; it requires clarity, balance, fortitude and energy to achieve it.

These are qualities of the SOUL. In order to have a successful life, we need to manifest the qualities of the soul in our life. When we manifest these qualities, we achieve FLOW. One of the POWERFUL ways to SAFELY achieve these results is by learning ancient science of manipulating prana, our energy bodies and awakening our connection with our higher selves. This is exactly the goal of Manifest Your Greatness Fest. Special hands-on sessions have been designed to share the inner science to achieve flow in prosperity, good health, loving relationships and more. These teachings are not to be found in any books.

I extend my personal invitation to you to attend the festival of JOY for every cell of your body, mind and spirit.

To Your Happiness,

Charu, Director, Pranic Healing Institute.