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The Institute was founded in 2004 to provide an opportunity for people residing in Virginia, Maryland, and District of Columbia to learn and benefit from Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga system. It offers live online webinars, meditation audio-stream and in-person Pranic Healing workshops. We are certified to offer CEUs for Massage Therapists and Social Workers.

Our mission is to spread happiness!

We empower people to obtain happiness by using breakthrough tools and technologies to significantly enhance their physical, emotional mental and spiritual health.

Using the powerful technology of Prana (life-force) as taught in Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga system, that is often quite easy and intuitive to learn and implement; Pranic Healing Institute teaches people how to attain better-health-at-will without the use of any drugs, equipment or touch.

Thousands have learned Pranic healing to successfully take care of life’s little problems such as fever, headaches, stress and exhaustion to not-so-little-problems such as asthma, diabetes, heart ailment, phobias, and addictions successfully using scientifically proven methods.

The Arhatic Yoga system offers spiritual aspirants a.k.a. true happiness seekers a step-by-step easy to follow self-development process that is non-sectarian in nature. Please note that Pranic Healing is intended to complement regular medical treatment, not to replace it.

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui - Founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga


Grand Master Choa Kok Sui is credited with the development of an energy healing system using more effectively and efficiently prana or ki, which is the life force that keeps the body alive. An engineer by degree and businessman by profession, Master Choa's analytical skills and natural proclivity for experimentation resulted in innovations to the arts of healing and meditation, making them practical and easy to learn.

He spent more than 30 years researching and studying literature and books on esoteric sciences, examining and sorting through their various healing techniques, and eventually developing the concepts, principles, techniques, and practical applications of Pranic Healing as it is widely known today. Modern Pranic Healing as a science was finally born in late 1987, with the publication of Master Choa Kok Sui’s book, The Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing (later changed to the title Miracles Through Pranic Healing), which has since been translated into more than 30 languages and distributed in over 40 countries. Master Choa Kok Sui later founded the Institute for Inner Studies and the World Pranic Healing Foundation, Inc., and authored 20 more books on Pranic Healing and spirituality.

Master Choa was born in a wealthy family, yet his heart was filled with compassion and generosity for those who suffer from pain, poverty and lack of education. Through global mission of Pranic Healing, Master Choa established several humanitarian projects which feed the hungry, provide help to the sick intelligence, he ensured that all the funds actually go to help those in need instead of covering operational costs. This ingenious approach has given the opportunity for thousands of Pranic Healers around the world to partake in healing the communities they live in, thereby making the world a better place and experiencing the bliss that comes from serving others in need.

Note: Grand Master is a title given in Asian countries as a sign of respect to senior teacher.

Charu Chundury 

Director, Principal instructor

Charu leads overall mission and operations of Pranic Healing Institute.  She is a Certified Pranic Healing Instructor and Certified Associate Pranic Healer. She has been teaching Pranic Healing since 2004 across Virginia, Maryland, DC and North Carolina. As an entrepreneur and technologist, she co-founded a couple of consumer media technology companies and developed mobile products at Fortune 500 companies. She holds an MBA degree from Darden Business School, University of Virginia and M.S in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University.

Sastry Chundury

President, Principal instructor

Sastry provides vision, direction and guidance to Pranic Healing Institute.  He is a certified Pranic Healing Instructor and Certified Associate Pranic Healer. He has been teaching Pranic Healing since 2004 across Virginia, Maryland, DC and North Carolina. In his professional life, Sastry is an technology visionary with more than 13 years of web-based product development experience. He is Co-founder of two technology companies. He has also served as a Project Manager for complex IT projects for Federal agencies such as Department of Defense and NASA. Sastry holds a Masters in Engineering from Louisiana State University.

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In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that the feedback letters we have received are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a few people only. We cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits from attending the program. Pranic Healing Institute does not make any health benefit claims and the performance of Pranic Healing regarding any specific disease has not been scientifically validated. We cannot and do not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures.
Pranic Healing Disclaimer: PRANIC HEALING is not intended to replace allopathic medicine, but rather to complement it. PRANIC HEALING practitioners are not medical doctors, but medical doctors can be Pranic Healers. PRANIC HEALING practitioners do not diagnose diseases, make any health claims, or guarantee any outcomes. PRANIC HEALING practitioners do not prescribe any medications and/or medical treatments nor interfere with prescribed medications and/or medical treatments. PRANIC HEALING practitioners do not physically touch the client’s body. They cleanse and balance the energy to enable the body to naturally heal itself.